Custom Slides made responsibly.

Customised Sustainable Slides.

Are you looking to join the sustainable revolution and add sustainable slides to your product offering?

Our Sustainable Slides are industry leading, made from recycled and organic materials. We offer complete strap customisation for your brands logo and colours and a wide range of base colours! 

The sole of our Sustainable Slides are made from indestructible tires, we repurpose these and turn them into some of the most durable, sustainable and stylish footwear on the market. We can only design and produce inquiries of 500 + pairs.

How Sustainable Slides are made:

  • Recycled tire soles

    It is nearly impossible for tires to decompose. Often tires are dumped in landfill or burned as a cheap alternative fuel. We have found a way to repurpose the tires for footwear and use the tire wall to create the soles of our sustainable slides.

  • Enviro-fibre strap

    A custom made fiber with the highest level of customisation available. The strap uses little water and all-natural dyes. An ethically sourced natural rubber footbed gives the sustainable slides their comfortable feel.

  • Ergonomic arch support

    Sustainable slides with ergonomic support. The contoured footbeds provides ultimate comfort with its superior cushioning while still being stylish enough to wear every day.

Our Sustainable Slides are:





All Terrain

Responsibly Made

We have Multiple Colours on Offer.

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Our Sustainable Slides are available starting at 500 pairs minimum order quantity. The sustainable slides have an RRP of £65.00 in the UK and €70.00 in Europe.

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