We take Custom Slide Design seriously.

Our 3 Types of Custom Slides

All our slides come with the our super comfortable Sliderfy branded foam sole. We offer 3 different straps, each with their unique look at benefits.


Our most popular Slider.
Unrivalled in Comfort.


Velcro Slider

The cushioned slide with a twist. Adjustable strap for a flexible fit.


Embossed Slider

3D Embossed Slides.
For those that want to stand out!


Our straps are a Canvas

Our Design Packs.

People can’t believe that we are still offering these for free….

Unique Designs and Counting

Designing & Building Sliders is our passion. It’s everything we do.

Each month, we create hundreds of unique Custom Slider designs that are crafted by our talented in-house design team!