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Welcome to Sliderfy!

 With offices in the UK and France, we are the home of Europe’s most popular, best-designed and best custom sliders!

Since launching in the UK in 2019 & then France in 2020 we’ve worked with thousands of Europe’s most recognisable sports Clubs. Each month, we provide hundreds more clubs, teams and businesses with their own custom slides, uniquely designed by our talented in-house design team!

Combine that with the fact that we have a client satisfaction rate that is unrivalled by our competitors, and you can see why we’re fast-becoming Europe’s go-to company for the best personalised sliders!  

Whether you’re looking for a pair of sliders to slip into after exercising, a collection of custom creps that will cushion your employees’ feet as they work from home, or a high-quality, embossed custom slider to add to your fashion brand and make a statement, Sliderfy has got you(r toes) covered.

If you’re in the market for custom slides with a premium look & feel, then look no further. Simply click the button below, submit your logo and we’ll handle the rest!

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Custom Slides for your Sports Club, university or college?

Please fill out our short form below to receive your design pack with 4 - 6 unique custom slide designs!

Custom Slides for your Business or Brand?

Please fill out this short form to receive your design pack with 4 - 6 unique custom slide designs!

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Our designers create your Slide Designs!


Then we bring them to life.


We take Custom Slide Design seriously.

At Sliderfy, art and design is our passion.

Our custom sliders will bring you the unrivalled comfort of slip-ons and they are, of course, built to last. But it is the inventiveness of their design – the uniqueness of each pair – that truly stands Sliderfy’s custom sliders apart. 

Our custom made, personalised slides are distinctively personalised. Whatever you want them for, our team of designers will take your idea, your logo and colours, and we’ll work them into a series of designs that you can be entirely confident won’t be found on the highstreet. 

We work with you to make as many tweaks and changes as you require until you have your dream design, just as you pictured it being. This is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. 

Sliderfy’s design team members boast varied and exciting backgrounds in professional graphic design. As a result, you can be sure that our designs are unmatched within the custom slides industry. 

Once you’ve inquired with us, we will then send you a custom slides design pack composed of at least 4 completely unique designs. You choose your favourite, and we’ll build them and ensure they’re sent to you in 3 to 4 weeks. If you are looking to add a little extra personality, we can add individual-specific initials to each pair of custom slides. 

We’ve been in the game a long time and we know that timing and efficiency are often of the essence. We’ll ensure that we get back to you with our team’s knock-up design options within 72 hours of inquiring. 

So, what’s stopping you? Inquire with us now, make it our job to ensure that your squad stands out!

Some of our 5 Star Google Reviews.

Jack Gibbons
Jack Gibbons
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Would definitely recommend Sliderfy. Ordered 41 pairs for the rugby society and arrived when they said it would without any complications. Jess and the team were really helpful and assisted all the way from the design to delivery. Nothing was ever too much trouble and they really went the extra mile. The society members are all really pleased with their sliders and I know that we will be ordering again in the future! Thanks Sliderfy
Tristan Alexander
Tristan Alexander
Read More
I ordered 27 pairs for my Uni rowing society and genuinely I think its one of the best pieces of merch a team can have. It was super easy, within a couple of days the design was finished and sent to us to be approved. Ive got to be honest, I wasn't really sure what I was expecting quality wise, I was more doing it for the looks, so I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived and turned out to be pretty durable as well as comfy. Genuinely, I think teams are missing a beat by not get custom sliders, would def recommend.
Will Payne
Will Payne
Read More
Big fan of these sliders - I ordered 35 pairs for the lacrosse team. They came within a month which is exactly when they said they would arrive. Was expecting it to take longer. They look great and are super comfy. Also I had a query about the designs so contacted them and they responded pretty rapidly and were very helpful so also very pleased with their responsiveness. Highly recommend to other sports teams if you want matching squad sliders!

Customisable Slides for Sports Teams:

Our design and manufacturing teams have produced personalised slides for some of the UK’s biggest and most-recognisable sports teams. We’re a team ourselves! And we know what it means to turn up together, our outfits freshened up by some fierce footwear. 

Built with spongy EVA foam and a synthetic PVC leather strap, Sliderfy slides are durable and completely waterproof. They’re as well-designed for the short rain-showered sprint from changing room to club house as they are for a slow, shuffled walk around the house.

The comfort of our custom slides is unrivalled. And we go above and beyond when it comes to personalisation. Not only will we adorn each set of slides with the logo of your sports team, we also offer the option to incorporate the future slide owner’s initials onto the strap.  

You won’t find Sliderfy’s commitment to comfort, design and perfection from any of the other custom slides creators. So, buy now and buy your custom slides wholesale. Bigger purchases will bring down the price per pair of slides. And, more importantly, absolutely nothing says ‘Squad Smashing its Goals’ better than all its members slipping about in a set of unique, personalised slides!

Click the link below to start the design process!

Custom Slides for your Sports Club, university or college?

Please fill out our short form below to receive your design pack with 4 - 6 unique custom slide designs!

Customisable Slides for Businesses:

A personalised piece of merchandise for your business?

Tired toes and a craving for comfort are hardly the preserve of sports players. The feet of the business world’s biggest movers and shakers require a little bit of TLC too!

Over at the Sliderfy offices, we take great pride in the work we have done for some of the UK’s most enterprising businesses. Many of the country’s up-and-coming brands have tasked us with designing and creating custom slides for a great variety of reasons. 

Looking to add some high-quality, branded slides to your existing store of merchandising options? Some personalised slides to be used as promotional pieces for your WFH employees? Maybe they’ll act as a talking point when wowing industry professionals at corporate conferences? Or, perhaps, they’re to be a part of a goody bag giveaway, a memento from the company getaway? 

Whatever the reason, Sliderfy will take your brief and bring it to life. We understand what is necessary to take a slide from sport’s bag appropriate to at home in a hotel lobby. We’ll ensure that your custom slides are an asset to your brand!

Click the button below to get started!

Custom Slides for your Business or Brand?

Please fill out this short form to receive your design pack with 4 - 6 unique custom slide designs!

We make slide customisation simple.

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Our Customisable Slides FAQ:

It's quick and easy, in order to claim your free custom slider designs just complete one of the contact forms on this page email us at info@sliderfy.co.uk We have created bespoke slides for 1000's of sports teams, get in touch with us today to claim your custom slides.

We get inquiries for our  custom slides from all over the world. We are able to ship our personalised sliders to the UK and the whole of Europe. We have an office in France as well. If you want to find out if we can deliver our custom slides to you, just drop us an email on info@sliderfy.co.uk and one of our team will be in touch!

The sole of our custom sliders is a spongy EVA foam, its waterproof, really comfortable and sturdy! The strap is a comfortable synthetic leather PVC. Our awesome designs are digitally printed on the strap! Our cushioned slides have a cotton fabric lining underneath the strap which makes them super comfortable, this fabric can be either black or white! Our custom slides Perfect for walking around the changing rooms after a tough game, or having with you poolside! 

Currently our minimum order quantity is 10 pairs of custom sliders. However, we can fulfil smaller orders, drop us an email at info@sliderfy.co.uk to enquire. We want to give our customers the best price, so larger bulk orders receive better pricing per pair. Also, better rates are available for trade orders. So go ahead and get your whole club involved with our custom slides.

Delivery of our custom slides takes between 3 - 4 weeks from the point of payment. You will receive an email from us when your custom slides have been produced and another email when your slides are out for delivery. 

Please see our sliders size chart below. Our custom sliders tend to come up only slightly smaller than your normal UK size, so if you are a half size we recommend ordering up a size. If you want to wear them with socks we recommend ordering a size up from your normal shoe size. The PVC strap will mould to your feet and give over time as well!

We make customisable slides for sports teams, business and influencers.

Our slides are popular with sports teams and university clubs that want a unique bit of stash that really stands out from the rest. We also offer our customisable slides to businesses & brands that want to increase their brand awareness or add a cool product to their existing offering. We have also done collaborations with influencers providing them with personalised slides to sell to their fans. Our slides are for anyone that wants them, from sports teams to groups of friends, record labels to spa's and gyms.

We currently offer our custom slides in the below colours; red, black, white, royal Blue, yellow and pastel pink, silver, orange and brown. We have the capacity to add any colour and design to the strap.

We do offer personalisation on the side and the sole of our Custom Slides. We can print your logo on the sole or the side of the strap. For a personal touch we can also add your initials to the side for an extra £2.50.