Custom Slides taken to the next level.

Customised Embossed Slides.

For those that want to make a statement with their slides. Introducing our customisable embossed slides!

Our Embossed slides cost more, but for good reason… They look amazing.

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More Info on Custom Embossed Slides:

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How does embossing work?

The short answer is that our embossed slides cost the same per pair as our Sliderfy sports slides. The only price difference between the two slides is that we have to charge a ONE-OFF mould fee to create your unique mould.


How much is the ONE-OFF mould fee to set-up our embossed slides?

For embossing the ONE-OFF, mould fee is £35.00 for every 2 sizes. To cover all the adult sizes (1UK – 14UK) this costs £245.00. Most of the businesses we supply only choose sizes 5UK – 14UK, this costs £175.00. This mould fee is charged at cost-price and we make no profit off of this!


What’s the difference between the Embossed Slides and Sliderfy Sports Slides?

The definition of embossed is to, carve, mould, or stamp a design on (a surface or object) so that it stands out! If you choose our embossed slides your logo will pop-off the strap. This feature makes our embossed custom slides popular with clothing brands. The embossed slide is made from a softer, more malleable strap than the Sports Slides.


Can any logo be embossed?

Only certain logos can be embossed, usually logos including 1 or 2 colours or monochromatic (black & white) logos. Inquire with your logo today and we can show you an embossed mock-up.


Turn up the style dial.

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Our Embossed Slides are available but are more expensive. An embossed slides order includes the price of our manufacturers ‘mould fee’. Each strap mould goes across two sizes, so a mould for Size UK 10 and UK 11 would be a £30 mould fee! Once paid repeat purchases have no mould fee.

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