We create Custom Sliders For Influencers

Influencers we have worked with:


We created custom slides for AFTV. AFTV is the largest football fan network in the world! With a bias towards Arsenal Football Club.

They are the authentic voice of the football fan, a place where the fan’s uncensored opinion can be heard before, during and after the whistle blows.

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We created custom slides for SE Dons who were the OBDSFL League Champions 20/21 & 21/22!

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Under The Radar FC

We created custom slides for Under the Radar FC an Influencer football team to celebrate their success this season!

This collaboration included placing each players initials on their slides. 

Big John

We worked with Tiktok and Instagram sensation Big John to create his very own ‘Bosh Solider’ Slides.


SA Wild Dogs

The Wild Dogs are a distinctive 7’s and 10’s & Beach rugby team that we provided slides with for their Dubai 7’s Tournament.

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