Meet the Sliderfy Team

Sliderfy was Established in 2019 with the aim to become the go-to custom slider company in the UK.

Having spent the last two years growing over 100% each year with horrible trading conditions (COVID) we have now set our eyes on a more lofty goal. 

To become the number 1 customer slider company in the whole of Europe.

Come meet the team behind the current success and follow our journey as we take over the rest of Europe.

Euan Davies

Co-Founder – aka. The Slider King

Euan is our head of sales, HR and marketing (a man of many talents).

He takes great pride in making sure each customer receives the best design possible.

Jes Oliphant

Co-Founder – aka. Lord of The Slides

Jes is in charge of operations, finance, admin and the website.

He makes sure all orders are created to the highest quality and delivered in good time.


Rees Jones

Designer – aka. Slidelangelo

Rees is our rockstar designer. With over two years experience of designing our sliders.

He ensures we remain ahead of the competition by creating the most meticulously designed sliders on the market.


The Sliderman

Mascot, Vigilante and Hero

He’s the hero the world does not deserve, but the one it needs right now.

Can be found launching sliders at anyone who wears crocs. DO NOT wear crocs around him.